Feeding My Procrastination

It's easier than to fight it.

You know that you are unhealthily addicted and should enter rehab the moment you’d rather stay home and watch kdrama than visiting Knossos and swimming in beautiful sea.

Today I’m leaving for the whole week to Greece so my ramblings on HSK will backlog even more but what’s worse, I won’t be able to watch episodes 11 & 12 until July 27. It’ll be epic angst but the writers have been doing such an amazing job that I bet even their version of kdrama angst will be epic. Plus I love angst when it’s done right and it doesn’t drag and when it ends with my OTP and me on cloud nine.

My phone is so ancient that even Olympian gods were young the day it was produced that’s why I wouldn’t place too much hope on them helping me to get my HSK fix. But I hope that I’ll be able to post some primitive, short posts. If not, see you on July 28, when I should be back right on time for episode 13 after an all-night marathon of episodes 11 and 12. Fortunately, HSK is so exciting that there is no danger I’d fall asleep in the middle of it 

I’ll be positive and console myself that I arrive right for the make-up with a lot of make-up kisses and hugs (but I won’t survive if I miss a single MS&SY kiss or embrace!)! I’ll need to find some secluded spot while reading Soompi, DC and Baidu or the whole beach will think I’m crazy and I’d end up in some Greek Bedlam and miss episode 13, as well!

High School King OST Part 4
Seo In Guk - Finding Myself

"I couldn’t tell you because you’d get hurt. Because I like you, Jung Soo Young. I like you. So don’t get hurt by that asshole. It pisses me off. Don’t accept his apology. Don’t ever eat with him. And don’t even bump into him on the street, okay? Don’t ever let that bastard treat you rudely ever again, okay? Jung Soo Young…" - Min Seok

Has there ever been such a raw and guileless confession in Kdramaland?! Min Seok slayed me and SY with his brutal honesty! And THAT expression of sheer yearning - there is everyting, all the emotions and feelings he can’t yet voice. It’s like he is  desperately pleading with SY to hear him out as he literally lays his heart at her feet. That intensity and heartwrenching urgency for her to accept his feelings. MS doesn’t know how to play at love; he doesn’t know the complicated flirting and dating shennigans of the society. When he loves someone he acts on it! 

I just can¨t stop wondering what MS’s whole love confession would be like if SY didn’t run away from him.  On a different staircase she once asked him why he likes, HER why does he go out with HER, what does he see in HER and I think that if she didn’t run away from him she would have received an explicit answer to each of those questions which would not leave any doubt how much she truly means to him. And that’s why she ran - because she feared to hear exactly those things that made her hurt heart flutter again and which are far more dangerous to her than JW’s pretenses and lies because MS means every single word. There is also another symbolic shot (to feed my HSK feet fetish) when SY takes again a step away from him.

The High School Prince and his Popcorn Unnie

I often call MS SY’s knight in shining armor and and here I again can’t refrain myself from another fairy tales comparison because  this moment appeared so similar to that scene from the most famous fairy tale of all time. But apperances can be deceptive. This prince has already loved his Cinderella long before she arrived to the ball in magical, beautiful dress from her fairy godmother. MS likes her the way she is - with her oversized glasses, quirky fashion choices and all. He doesn’t give a damn whether she is poor nor does he need a magical transformation or a Versace evening dress to notice her, to be bewitched by her and to fall irrevocably for her. And it’s not that he loves her despite it all, it’s that he loves her because of it. He picks up her shoe and runs after her  but SY’s prince already knows where to find her and despite his turbulent emotions he stops when he sees she isn’t ready to hear it all  yet, so he bids his time to fight another day. And when he returns the shoe to her he isn’t looking for a princess but for the real Cinderella. not a hidden daughter of a duke but his Jung Soo Young. 

I already posted about the kiss right after episode 7 ended:


The cover for High School King OST Part 4 sung by Seo In Guk which will be released on Monday.

I just freaking love the last 5 minutes of episode 7 so much! SY has done the thing I wanted  her to do for such a long time and after realising what a double-faced jerk JW was, she told him all the things he needed to hear. SY might be timid and kind-hearted most of the time but when she gathers her courage ishe is really something, just like MS has said several time. I think he sensed her inner strength under the glasses, low self-esteem and social awkwardness and it was one of the many things which has drawn him to her. But JW has never noticed because he never bothered to look. My heart was aching for MS who could only helplessly listen while SY had to go through all the pain from which he so desperately tried to protect and spare her. He can feel her pain like it was his own, he feels anger at the man who did this to her. It’s so symbolic that he witnessed her fall and then runs from all his might to catch her before she hits the ground like her very own knight in shining armor white jacket he is.

Oh, you tormented, awesome, beautiful and imperfect, JW! My heart cries for you! That memory from his childhood! I hate his father so much! NO wonder he has such trouble trusting anyone - if it had happened to me I’d be in a far worse condition than him. Normally, I don’t even feel sorry for second male leads in Kdramaland (unless, it’s someone epic like Moon Jae Shin or Tahwan), however, like the rest of the show, JW defies the usual rules and expectations of kdrama clichés. He is complex, well-acted(Lee Soo Hyuk, what a revelation for me ), and even if not downright likeable he is very human, with strengths and flaws which make him someone who is very easy to empthize with. If he were the main lead and MS weren’t so winning and adorable and awesomely functional with SY I would have shipped him with her. 

I think that whole shoe accident and what followed was the his first, truly genuine interaction with SY. It was warm, friendly and it made him really happy. In that moment, he didn’t think of her being a means to an end, he didn’t pretend interest to gain anything; he smiled so sincerely and warmly because he liked it and it was apparent that he was loathe to end it. I love how cute he was when he saw that mud-like congee that SY prepared for him.  I think if he would have given up his ambitions and grudge in that moment he would have had a huge chance to win SY and be happy with her.

Because until the moment when he shattered the last of SY’s illusions and his chances with her (THAT EXPRESSION ON JW’S FACE WHEN HE OPENS THE DOOR!!! It’s like something shattered inside him, like something clutched his heart! LSH is absolutely INCREDIBLE IN THAT SCENE! AND THE ABS!), he had a huge advantage against MS - he had her. He had her affection, her admiration and her loyalty but in one moment he has lost it all because he couldn’t overcome his father complex - he’s lost his one shot at salvation, at peace, at happiness. He made a mistake that will probably haunt him for the rest of his life and deep down he already feels that he lost something he didn’t even know he had until it’s gone. That shot at him so alone and desolated, in that cold, modern, impersonal flat looking at the reminders of the warmth and happiness SY brought him so briefly broke my heart (on a second thought, isn’t it the fate of all kdrama second male leads to watch the food the heroine brought him/cooked for him and cry? 

By the way, am I the only what who thought that he will cherish that shoe that SY cleaned for him like the most precious thing he owns? It would be so symbolic - something he was ready to throw way/ use now becoming so important to him.) His whole life JW has wanted to prove himself to his father but during his visit to his mother I’ve suddenly realised that he resembles her more than in looks - he has her kindness! I wish that he would realise that he is nothing like his father and would live for himself and the ones he loves and not waste his life trying to be loved by a monster who can’t love anyone but himself in his own vanity.

Short promo for Yamashita Tomohisa’s new movie Kinkyori Renai and the spin-off drama

Well, well. This looks better than I expected after those underwhelming first stills (I don’t particularly care about the spin-off). Yamapi’s third movie after Kurosagi and Ashita no Joe is a live action of Mikimoto Rin’s manga which tells the story of a relationship between a high school student and and her 10 years older English teacher. It’s been 5 years since Buzzer Beat which is the last of Yamapi’s shows I liked loved. Since then, it’s been one disappointment after another for me, intensified by the fact that his dramas (Kurosagi, Prodai, Nobuta wo Produce, Buzzer Beat) belong to my all-time favourite jdramas. Considering KR is directed by the director of the utterly boring and dragging Kimi ni Todoke I keep my hopes for this movie rather low. However, I’m looking foward to amuse myself as Yamapi will speak his “perfect Engrish” and we will be told by every single character how amazing his pronounciation is. But who knows, perhaps he’ll suprise me. What actually stirred my curiousity about KR and the reason why I’m adding it to my watch list is that Nana Komatsu actually seems to share almost out-of-this-world chemistry with Yamashita Tomohisa. I can already feel the vibes of forbidden romance which I love so much. So I really wish that this movie turns out well because there are barely any romance dramas and movies in Japan nowadays and even fewer with a pairing with such great chemistry. Plus, I really like the song that is featured in the promo and I’m a huge fan of romances involving age gaps. So fingers crossed! Kinkyori Renai (Close Range Love) premieres on October 11.

Yuni Kururugi is a smart high school student. She excels in all subjects except for English. A new English teacher begins work at Yuni’s high school. His name is Haruka Sakurai and he is very handsome.

Yuni begins to receive one-on-one tutoring from Mr. Haruka Sakurai. Soon, Yuni develops feelings for her teacher and she realizes that she is now in love. Yuni then confesses to her teacher.

It’s good it’s summer holiday now because I have currently no life outside my HSK obsession. This drama continues to hold its strong grip on me as it utterly owns me! I gave up a long time ago to make a list of my Top 10 favourite scenes in this show since I can recognize an exercise in futility when I see one. I adore this scene to bits but they’ve been supplying me with kisses, backhugs, frontal hugs,… Show, never stop being this awesome!

Frankly, to me. this moment feels like a Midsummer Night’s dream. The only thing missing are fireflies flying in the air and fairies signing their songs. Perhaps it is fate that during the day MS has to watch how the woman he loves keeps thinking of a different man, whereas at night she always ends up in his arms - be it now, when she got drunk on the playground, the first time he embraced her, their future kisses or later, when they end up embracing under the street lights. It gives their relationship a sense of intimacy and magic. The night is a time of dreams, a time when things that often seem unreachable and unattainable during the day suddenly come within arms reach. The darkness gives us a courage we rarely possess in the light of the day, Though, MS is different, more courageous in the light of the day than most people, even he gains the courage to reveal his deepest feelings and hidden desires while the two of them are basked in the moonlight. It appears like they suddenly find themselves in a completely different world of their own. It’s now, under the veil fo the night, when he dares to walk next to her just a little bit closer and ask the question he wanted to ask from the moment he realised that he loved her. Has she ever dated a younger guy?

MS is mature enough to know that while he doesn’t give a damn about the age difference, the society does and he wants to know if SY would mind, too, and deep down he hopes that his quirky, singular Popcorn Unnie who grows moss and believes in destiny would not.

Like every man he wants to be physically close to the woman he loves and this got to be the cutest and most effective excuse to get an embrace ever as he gets several fo them. I love the moment after the first one when SY steps away and MS can’t lower his hands and keeps them in the exact same position like he was paralised by her touch and fragrance and his body didn’t want to lose it so soon. 

And finally, with the adoring look MS gives her in the last screencap I’ve realised that SY can’t be just longsighted, she must be blind if she can’t notice the love for her which shines from his eyes.

This is why I said not so long ago that MS seems now as the proverbial second lead who likes the girl while she can’t get her eyes from the rich, damaged, cold male lead. The longer MS has known SY, she has, gradually, without him realising it, become the center of his universe. Whatever decision he now takes he does it to be with her. What I like about MS is that it didn’t take him long to realize how he truly feels towards SY and once he does accept it he doesn’t change his behaviour in the slightest - he’s always wanted to be with her, he’s always kept looking at her but unfortunately, SY in her naivety and blindness can’t see that. She is so infatuated by the illusion JW’s created for her sake that she can’t see through it and can’t see the man who would have killed to be on the recieving end of those loving smiles. Instead, she gives them to a man who doesn’t even notice them nor can he appreciate them; he doesn’t even care enough to look at her or to notice her. She is so blinded by a lie that she can’t see those endearing and doting looks MS keeps giving her.

I don’t know when my heart broke for him more whether it was the time when she didnn’t notice him and his attentions at the lunch or later when he looks at her chair (doesn’t he always look at the places where she is sitting?) and doesn’t see her there and then spots her with JW. Now, he already knows why he feels like that and recognizes it for the jealousy it is so he swiftly goes to her and finds the excuse to separate her from JW. It seems he is almost desperate not to leave her in JW’s company any longer. Though, he is partly motivated by his jealousy, perhaps even larger part of it is MS’s concern for SY because he knows that the more time she spends with JW the more she’ll get hurt when she learns the truth in the end and that is something he cannot allow. He can’t bear to leave her in a company of a man who only uses her as a means to an end, not seeing the extraordinary, incredible and beautiful woman behind those big glasses and quirky habits; at least not yet and when JW finally does it will be already too late for him.

Love is about timing and taking your chances and JW has already missed too many of those to have a chance to win SY’s heart. On the other hand, MS has been the active one from the start - he’s been creating his chances, fighting for SY despite being at a disadvantage and just like Luck, Love favours the brave.

It’s often these inconspicuous, mundane moments and details which reveal far more about person’s priorities and true feelings than grand gestures or buying expensive presents. While everyone else is merely impatient and peeved by SY’s tardiness, the expression on MS’s face is one of constant worry and concern for SY whether anything happened to her and annoyed reaction when she finally comes is a reaction of someone who is glad that nothing happened to her, however, angry not  that she came late but that she made him so worried. But when he finally turns back to her while immediately directing that adorable smile to her you realise, that the reason why he pulled out the stunt to have the hockey team trip delayed was to spend the weekend with his Popcorn Unnie. Just look how disappointed the boy is when Kim Team Leader makes him to ride the car instead the bus - I bet he wanted to sit next to her and bask in her presence. Kim Team Leader, I hate you!

When JW and MS, these two diametrically opposite men, came to look for her, their reactions again revealed the difference in their true feelings. While that worried annoyance is back on MS’s face, JW only shows politeness because the reason why he volunteered to come for her was out of mere obligation and hidden agenda. When you replay the moment when they are nearing her and MS’s call SY’s name you notice that it was actually him who noticed her first and JW did only after MS called out first.

Honestly, has ever any other kdrama male lead had such an epic jealous face like MS does? Probably not. It’s so freaking hilarious how he stares at them with such funny mix of disgust and contempt. I mean that epic fail when SY calls JW’s name instead of his! LOL! I love the moment when he can’t hold himself anymore and literally inserts himself between them to separate them and engages in a hilariously jealous couple bickering - well, he does all the bickering but that makes it even funnier because you know that it isn’t about her getting lost but about her overlooking him mere seconds ago and choosing JW instead of him.

Finally, even when he is so angry with her, MS still puts SY first, the best thing about it is that he actually does it without thinking - like it’s already a habit and his second nature -  when even in the middle of his jealous tirade he opens the door for her. He really wants to become my favourite kdrama male lead ever and he is succeeding!