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Hey. You asked what we think about SLA's love making scene. IMHO they don't reach the climax together, as you wrote, but we only hear Hye Won crying. Let's be honest, almost no woman who has sex for the first time reaches an orgasm, so many women actually never do. My bet is on her crying due to the overwhelming emotions and the intimacy. That's also the reason why we don't hear him. ;) Whatever it was, it was a wonderful scene in a pretty perfect show.
dreamingsnowflake2013 dreamingsnowflake2013 Said:

Thank you for your insightful reply :-). However, I for once do not believe that HW was a virgin. She has been married for 10 years and while hers has been a marriage of conveniece and she’s not been sharing bed with KJH for years, it’s rather improbable that they would not have been intimate together at all during their life together or HW not being together with another man before her marriage. She told SJ she didn’t know if she can do well during their first time together and and that he probably had recognized that she was no player but not that she was a virgin.

Secret Love Affair Episode 10 - NC-17 make out session in an empty concert hall

SJ finds a blind spot in the CCTV system to steal a moment of privacy and it turns into one of the hottest kdrama make out session probably EVER! Who would have guessed that we would be served this sensual and explosive love scene after the first “invisible” night. This is pretty much the stuff of my dreams! It’s like a fanfiction coming alive! First, he pins her to the wall and then lays her on the floor! I’m still blushing after watching it several, multiple, hundred times. Pity, they got almost caught. I bet SJ needed to take a very cold shower after being so close to HW but not being able to do anything. My bets are on him taking the matters ahem…”into his own hands” like he when he embraced HW in his flat.

Secret Love Affair Episode 10 - HW and SJ being adorable

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Empress Ki ep46 Ayu’s coronation scenes. 

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It has been physically painful to watch EK for me in the last fortnight. These two and HJW (and TH’s mane of glory, obviously, which I fell in love with at the first sight in October) are the only saving grace of this trainwreck for me and the sole reason why I am still watching at least 5 minutes of each episode.

Secret Love Affair Episode 10 preview

Fetch my smelling salts! SJ shows HW the place where he saw her for the first time and fell under her spell - and then they MAKE LOVE UNDER THAT VERY SAME CURTAIN! This is what I call a real secret love affair! Excited, yet?

Secret Love Affair Episode 9 - Kisses that lead to a bed scene

This is it! This is what I’ve waited for. Mutual, passionate, sensual and beyond intimate.