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"Let’s go."

"It’s you! You are my true love!"

I’m going down with this ship. MY FEELS! The way he is looking at her with that gentle, slightly baffled, and curious expression, like he has no idea what to make of her; like she is some strange riddle or puzzle he has no idea how to solve. HM looks so dreamy here and I was chanting the whole time “KISS HIM, KISS HIM”. I can’t wait until they kiss for real (and she grabs his butt, LOL) and I’m already fantasizing about that.

HE CAME BACK TO SAVE HER! When he appeared out of nowhere to save his damsel mermaid in distress like her very own knight in shining armor I was squealing so hard! He is so manly here. The best thing is that he comes back even though, he doesn’t have to. No one could blame him if he would leave this strange, odd woman who he met in bad circumstances, however, he still does come back and it show what a great guy he is. It’s clear that he doesn’t come back because of some hidden feelings for her, but because he hates when people bully and take advantage of others’ weaknesses. Another thing I like about HM is that after he learns the truth about their break-up he doesn’t blame HN for the end of his relationship with JA. 

By the way, am I the only one who is counting how many times he has already hold her hand?

How can I not fall in love with them?! Before the show started there were barelly any scenes that included HN with HM in the previews, and I prefered her with HM just slightly and I was curious to see if I wouldn’t jump ships after watching the actual drama.However, the moment these two appeared on screen together I was a goner and in episode 3 they’ve made me their hardcore shipper. I mean, whenever they look at each other you can literally feel the electric sparks between them! 

You know, the more I re-watch the previous episodes the more certain I am that HM&HN are the endgame. Because no matter which scene they share there is always some revealing interaction or something that moves their relationship foward. For instance here, HN witnesses the end of HM’s love; and he was supposed to be the one who knew about true love. She witnesses that love can’t have a happy ending unless the other person’s loves you as much as you do her/him. But first and foremost, she learns about HM as she sees him at one of his lowest points in life and she feels sorry for him despite not knowing him. Until now HN only cared about herself and finding SK, however, here for the first time she showed sympathy towards other person’s misery and that proves that deep down she is a good girl.

These HM&HN interactions are in stark contrast to her scenes with SK which seem in comparison shallow and superficial - because each of them is basically HN fangirling over her celebrity crush. Even when she spotted him on the big screen at the end of episode 3 and proclaimed he is her true love she looked like an obsessed fangirl. I don’t know if it’s only me but whenever HN sees SK or talks about him she reminds me of Shi Won in Reply 1997 whe she was obsessiong over her “Toni Oppa”.

“I’ll take that to look at whenever I’m sad”. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Ahh, I was really excited to see your comments about Surplus Princess in the show's tag. Thanks for posting them! I was wondering what your thoughts are as to what will happen once HM & HN get together. Like it seems there will obviously be a lot of sentimental moments, especially based on the beach/foam scene, but I'm curious as to if the show will also go a less popular route in kdramas with a bit of extra spice in the relationship, specifically since it already has made many choices (cont.)
dreamingsnowflake2013 dreamingsnowflake2013 Said:

Thank you for your lovely comment :-)! I really hope that the writer won’t change her mind and wil go with the HN&HM ship as the end game since the first 5 episodes really suggest that they are the OTP. However, the preview of episode 5 made my HM&HN shipper heart cry - there is another kiss for the HN&SK ship. HN ending up with SK feels wrong because he is only a fantasy and illusion for her, a man she barely knows, while SK has only a vague, brief memory of her. So it’s impossible for me to imagine that they’d end up together and have functional and believable relationship. On the other hand, there is already the much needed buildup for HN and HM - just look how they bickered in episode 5!

I’m writing this with the presumption that HM&HN are really the OTP because if they are NOT then I’ll probably send a threatening letter to tvN. This is just my predictions and speculations:

Well, I certainly hope that HM and HN will have some swoonworthy and hot moments (who wouldn’t want to see HN grabbing HM’s butt for change, right ;-)?) since so far the drama hasn’t hold back on the skinship and the kisses. I’m truly obssesed with HN&HM because I’m already counting how many times HM has hold her hand and I need some hot smooches between them and pronto! About that “bubble” scene at the beginning of episode 1 - I’m sure that the hand belongs to a double for sure so the viewers couldn’t guess beforehand(they did the same thing in YWCFTS) - I checked and it definitely doesn’t belong to OJW nor to SJR since neither of them has such impossibly long and slender fingernails.

About HM and HN getting together - well, I guess we can expect them somewhere between episode 10-12. It will be interesting to watch how HM will learn about HN being mermaid and his reaction to it and how he will deal with it. I suspect he will become the next person to learn. I’m really curious whether he’ll learn before falling in love with her or after that. I’m pretty sure that HM will be the first one to fall for her and he will suffer and struggle with the fact that the woman he loves is again “in love” with SK. He’s known that HN has had feelings for SK from the day one. I suspect that after HM learns that HN’s fate is to turn into bubbles if she doesn’t find true love when the time is up, he will go on a noble idiotic mission of epic proportion to save her(playing cupid for her and SK despite his heart breaking into million pieces), because he will think that SK is the only one to save her from “dying”. Then, there will come a point when HN will realise she loves him, too, and HM will have that “light bulb - YWCFTS - the most selifsh thing I can do to you” moment when he will realise there is no point to torment them both and they will decide to spend the remaining days together - living their life to the fullest and living each second like it was their last. I really love this kdrama trope where the OTP has a time limit for their time together, because it makes you realise your priorities and what is the most important thing in your life. I really hope to see them kissing and hugging and cuddling and sleeping together in each other’s embrace and most importantly an epic bed scene! Please, kdrama gods, don’t disappoint me!

Thank you again for your message and write again soon :-)

New teaser for Kinkyori Renai starring Yamashita Tomohisa and Komatsu Nana

Well, this looks more and more promising. After 5 years of abstinence (since Buzzer Beat)  I’m in desperate need of a good YamaPi drama/movie that I can watch.

You must have already recognized I’m a crazy HM&HN shipper - Jo Bo Ah and On Joo Wan have amazing chemistry together and I’m already writing fanfics in my head about all their future interactions between them since there are so many delicious possibilities. SQUEAL! Just look at their first meeting and how epic and hilarious it was. MY FEELS! When HN landed Terminator-style on that riverbank she saved HM’s life without even realizing it! How possibly symbolic and foreshadowing is it?! Everyone talks about that famous underwater kiss when HN saved SK’s life but very few people realise that she saved HM’s life as well when he was at the lowest point in his life and was ready to commit suicide. Is he perhaps a prince-in-hiding who can finally adore and love the Mermaid the way she deserves? Plus they are so hilariously funny and adorable together that I just can’t help herself but ship them. Finally, that awesome scene at the end of episode 2 just turned me into a squealing fangirl. They are NEIGHBORS?! Just one flimsy wall away from each other! They are looking at each other and the countdown appears between them - hinting much ;-)?

There are many people who ship HN with SK but for me that pairing has never been an option. I know that she is absolutely immersed in her fantasies about SK while HM still has feelings for JN, however, I feel that episodes 2&3 gave us few hints that HM and HN are the endgame of this Mermaid story. No matter how many times HN tells us that SK is her one true love I don’t believe her. Actually, maybe the more she says it the more I don’t believe her because what does she know of love? She has never loved any man that way, and right now she thinks love is like the feeling you have after spinning 20 times around. Love is something that grows, something that survives tribulations and overcomes obstacles; a person who loves you is someone that spends time with you, who saw you at your best and at your worst and is still by your side after that. And I believe that is the sort of love she will have with HM - I have this gut feeling that HM will be the one to guide her and protect her in the human world and that she won’t realise that she has fallen in love with him until she loses him. Based on the previews, it appears that it will be HM with whom she will be spending a lot of time whereas she will have only few chance meetings with SK which makes it impossible for the relationship to develop properly. 

No matter how I look at it, HN feelings for SK seem like a huge crush, even the moment when she confesses her love to him at the end of episode 3, she looks like a fangirl confessing to her celebrity crush, not a woman confessing to the man she loves. If she really loved him she would have been heartbroken the moment when he didn’t recognize her and order her to be thrown out. However, she was just angry and was ready to return home. So much for her great love. On the other hand, you could really feel her sincerity and heartache when she was missing her family and regretted her choice. It was painfully clear from her words that her feelings for SK were nowhere near the love she felt for her own family, as the legs nor SK were not worth leaving home and her family behind.

I’m finally back from the hospital and have time to gush over Surplus Princess and my newest OTP HM and Aileen/Ha Ni. SP is the only one from the currently airing dramas that I’m enjoying and got emotionally attached to - tvN’s The Three Musketeers and My Secret Hotel have been a letdown for me while my feelings about the FreeTV dramas can be pretty much summoned up like this - have seen that, have done that. Surplus Princess is nowhere near narrative-wise to the quality of HSK or YWCFTS, however, it has it’s own unique and endearing story-telling and sense of humour which brings a breath of fresh air to Kdramaland and a handful of engaging characters. The Metas to other movies, dramas and animes are awesome and I’m enjoying them tremendeously, however, I think that these “parodies” belie the fact that there are many interesting and important topics that the writer chooses to broach starting from episode 2.

While episode 1 was a zippy and funny introduction to the universe of SP, episode 2 & 3 spend far more time on the struggles and dilemas of each of the four main characters. Aileen has had a rough awakening that human life isn’t like it is so often shown in the dramas and there is rarely a happily ever after while she has to come to terms with the consequences of her rash decision. Jo Bo Ah keeps being amazing and makes of HN a great female lead. JA isn’t a one-dimensional bitch while Shi Kyung’s story gets interesting with his agnosia problems. SJR has really improved and does a decent job of portraying SK’s turmoil but it still comes rather flat. I don’t think it is SJR’s fault because I really feel he does a good job in the role with the acting abilities he has right now, the problem is that his counterpart is On Joo Wan who has finally gotten the much needed screentime and is slowly becoming a scene stealer. There is no doubt that he is by far the superior actor of the four leads as he manages to give HM a complexity and heartwreching vulnerability that probably isn’t even written in the script. I love that despite the fact that he desperately wants the job, HM has guts to keep his pride and self-respect when he keeps being mocked and humiliated during the job interview. He might be a nice, ordinary guy but he is nobody’s doormat. On another note, I really need tvN or someone to compile all the songs featured in the drama since I really like them.

Lee Ha Na in Vogue and Harper Bazaar photoshoots

Rurouni Kenshin - The Legend Ends Trailer!

OMG! This is simply epic!