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Rurouni Kenshin - The Legend Ends Trailer!

OMG! This is simply epic!

Hi, everyone, I’m sorry for the lack of updates during the whole week but I’m in hospital for a few days for observation due to appendicitis concerns but it looks like everything is going to be OK and it was only a false alarm. I hope to be out in a couple of days since I should be flying to London on Saturday where I plan to visit the Japan Centre, the Korea Town in New Malden and the Harry Potter Studios so fingers crossed.

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It ended with their last kiss… symbolically on the same stairway and under the same street light they had kissed for the first time

With HSK I’ve experienced something that happened to me only 1-2 times - a perfect and thoroughly satisfying kdrama finale. What can I say more about this incredible and awesome show which has been so perfect and cractastic from the very first second until the very last and even delivered such great, special episode. It is no suprise that HSK has become together with Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (I bet that’s why we got that Lee Chung Ah’s cameo appearance as JW’s potential love interest since only FBRS was this successful in this time slot) tvN’s most successful drama in the late Mon&Tue 23:00 timeslot when most of its target audience (women from 15-35) is already asleep because they have to go to work or to school. There are tvN’s show that recieved higher ratings like Reply 1994, Emergency Couple or even Marriage Not Dating, however, those have all aired in the Fri&Sat 20:40 viewer-friendly timeslot.

"I’m crazy about you, Jung Soo Young. I’m dying here. Every day, every morning I fall for you whenever I see you. Again and again. Popcorn Unni. My Pop. Ally. My wife. My wifey. Darling. Thank you so much for marrying me." - MS

Like I said it ended with a kiss and like the rest of episode 17 it contained an epic self-reference with MS’s love confession (He is basically quoting himself since he said the exactly same thing on a different stairway in episode 9 when he tried to assure SY of his love and desire for her; enumerating all those adorable nicknames he gave her and telling her his ‘thank you very kamsa’) because this drama is so epic on its own that it doesn’t need to refer others. I would only get more repetitive describing the amazing skinship, kisses and hug as perfection and shippy heaven. It is a kdrama that literally made my heart flutter and made me deliriously happy while shipping and fangirling like crazy. It gave us great OST, deft directing, nice cinematography, an engaging, fast-paced and unforgettable story with many complex characters and LHS and YJW both deserve their very own spin-offs.

I don’t think that JW will neccessary end with LCA’s character, however, I like that he allowed himself the chance to try to form a relationship with someone and get out of his shell. Frankly, I still delusionally wish that he somehow ends with YA because Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Yul Eum have explosive chemistry on screen and every time I watch their scenes together I’m writing fanfics in my mind.

I have already written so many rants about SIG and LHN’s sublime performances and their out-of-this world chemistry that I could write a whole thesis about it. Normally, I don’t ship the OTP in the RL, however, I’m shipping these two. LHN was amazing as the quirky JSY and SIG delivered one of those unforgettable kdrama male lead characters. I have to say he is the only 20+ year-old actor playing a teenage character to whom I actually believe it (I still can’t get over Lee Min Ho in Heirs and I’m saying this as his fan). Not even once did I think he looks or acts too old for this role. He managed to show MS’s maturity without making me doubt his age. I liked him in Reply 1997 and TMS, however, now I’ve become his fan. 

It’s great to see that the whole story came whole circle in the finale and devoted the same amount of time to MS and SY’s development as characters. Like I mentioned previously, they both changed thanks to each other’s love and that timid, socially awkward woman JSY, who believed in serendipity as something fairy-tale like that occurs when the stars align is no longer. Therefore, it’s amazing to see her narrating the finale words and sending us the message of this amazing story: Don’t wait for your destiny, thinking it will smack you into your face someday, go and find it yourself and then grab onto it like MS and SY did and don’t  you ever let go!

"Maybe destiny is not something for someone who sits and waits for a chance. A real destiny comes ike a gift that is given to me when I look for and dare to choose. ,Then it comes to me. I with someone I dared to choose as my destiny will do my best loving and and living with him. I’m a confident, modern woman of Korea, and a cool missy. I’m Jung Soo Young." - SY


3 years later…

After a long time, finally a kdrama that does time jump right! What can a rabid shipper want more than seeing her beloved OTP after 3 years waking up in each other’s arms, wearing couple pyjamas and cuddling, next to their smiley puck, wedding picture and their cute moss garden consisting of the big “bro(ccoli)” and countless baby moss! Please, tell me it is a foreshadowing and they’ve been growing them for their children! Not only their nightwear, even thei day clothes are color-coordinated!!! What a treat for my heart to see them still going strong, still so loving and affectionate with each other. Awww, that adorable goodbye kiss!

What I like about this time jump is that they managed to believably show both the natural progress of SY&MS’s relationship and the development of their respective characters. It’s clear that each of them matured in his/her own way and I think I think that they both benefited from those 3 years together and made each other better. MS is as exuberant and bursting with energy as as ever but now he has the skills to back it, and I so happy to see him capitalize on those qualities and use them in his work. I was truly in awe of his PPT in episode 3 and it’s great from the writers to make him actually continue in it when he is so talented in inspiring and attracting people’s attention with his abilities and charisma. I love how elaborated his PPT  - he uses every part of his body, including his clothes. On the other hand, SY seems to have blossomed under MS’s constant care and affection. She no longer wears those huge glasses behind which she used to hide, she no longer slouches and she gained some healthy self-confidence.

Frankly, I think that HSK delivered one huge and very much needed slap in the face to all kdramas particularly the ones involving an age difference between the OTP. Time jump as means to separate the OTP is a trope that kdrama writers have been using for years with such regularity that it has become an inseparable part or even a neccessity. They treat is as their ultimate weapon - their own personal deux at machina which will solve all the makjang problems they wrote/caused. So it often happens that we have a couple that has spend 2-3 months together building their relationship getting to know each other and loving each other but then suddenly we are supposed to believe that after 3 years of not seeing each other not even for Christmas or calling each other, their love is stronger than ever and they are finally ready and free to marry. In the most cases it’s only an act of desperation they use when they don’t know how to properly end the story or they don’t how to develop it so they rather let “things happen” off screen. In the end, we have a drama we have wached for 2 months noting every change and plot twist and suddely there are 3 years and we have no idea what happened save the fact that every got a new haircut and one of the leads spend years in the US doing god knows what but certainly not improving his English. They make it appear like those years are nothing but a mere blink for us however that’s a damn long time to wait for you one true love. HSK has realistically managed to prove that even in Kdramaland you don’t need three years or 10 000 miles to seperate you from your lover before you can get your happily ever after.

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Lee Min Seok and Jung Soo Young and to witness the fastest sprint down the aisle that Kdramaland has ever seen

"The ceremony is just like them." - JW

Amen! Truer words have never been spoken! And to stay true to my “best ever” narrative, this wedding deserves all the superlatives and just like JW said it really showcases SY and MS’s personalities and their whole relationship: Unforgettable, unlike any other, unique and unconventional - the best, the quickest, qurkiest and most adorkable wedding ceremony ever. Even their sprint to the altar is so symbolic, isn’t it? How epic it would be if it were a shotgun wedding?! Because that’s the usual reason for such sprint down the aisle. I’m curious whether the PD will include the deleted scene which explains the problem with the rings since it was filmed and shown in the preview. However, the best thing about this whole rushed wedding ceremony is the reason why it is actually so rushed - so MS and SY wouldn’t miss their wedding night at Namiseom (that epic episode 9 self-reference)!!! I’m so glad to finally see a kdrama OTP who is more excited for their wedding night than the ceremony and openly desires each other physically. All those weeks of frustration and restrain are finally coming to an end and they can legally jump into bed together! As if these two weren’t perfect already! I don’t remember seeing such deliriously happy and excited newlyweds like SY and MS! I adore Lee Ha Na’s bridal looks since she is absolutely elegant and gorgeous while Seo In Guk looks so manly and dashing.

In one of the interviews LHN said that she wanted to make SY a very atypical kdrama heroine and that she was so lucky to have SIG to help her. Together with their out-of-this-world chemistry they managed to portray a truly atypical relationship in Kdramaland - one full hugs, open-mouthed kisses and even small pecks of affection, a real couple who constantly holds hands, loves to cuddle and touch whenever they want - together they made the whole relationship feel real - there were no 15 episodes spend in a vacuum without kisses and skinships waitng on a time jump until the male lead would become an adult. 

Most people who dislike HSK say that the relationship between SY&MS seems unreal and strange and that it doesn’t work because of the fact MS is 18 years old. I have never been put off by it, frankly, combined with the fact that SY and MS actually end up getting married, it was probably one of the many reasons why I find this OTP is believable and I love them and the drama so much - For my whole life I’ve been living with a proof that such relationship can work and maybe even better than others - my parents started dating when my dad was just 18 and my mum was 5 years older than him; they got married a year or so later and they’ve been together ever since. And I also think that the fact that SIG’s parents share a similar story which made his performance so heartfelt and made him to try so hard and portray this relationship as something than can happen in real life. Unfaithfulness, misunderstandings, lack of respect and communication, disinterest,… - the age difference is never actually the real reason why people break up and divorce. Just because two people are the same age, have similar education and come from similar social circle doesn’t gurantee their relationship will last. There is another argument which is used and that is that the wedding seems rushed and unbelievably since they are getting married after only 5 months of knowing each other (there is a 2 months time jump in episode 16) - I think this argument is moot and pointless considering the fact that 90% of kdrama marriage happen after the OTP has known each other only 2-3 months.

"I thought about it. What you said is true. I think you’re right. I might be better off in Germany. I might have a better chance there. I might regret it after getting married to you. However, no matter what problems I might face, I want to be with you. Whether that’s the right answer or not, I want to go with you to the end.” - MS

This show makes me complete! In my rants about HSK I often use phrases like “best ever” and “one of my all-time favourites”; and even to me it sounds repetitive, however, there is no other appropriate way to describe it because this drama truly belongs in many regards to the best of the best out there. The best hugs, the best kisses and now THE best marriage proposal ever and that all combined and served in a span of mere minutes. Also SIG’s Lee Min Seok with his exuberance and fierce loyalty has become one of my TOP 3 favourite kdrama male leads and episode 17 only cemented him on my personal pedestal. I loved how mature and perceptive he was when SY told him to postpone their marriage and his subsequent heartfelt proposal speech left me breathless and reduced me into a squealing and bumbling mushy mess. If this wasn’t enough he goes ON ONE KNEE and with that giant popcorn bag he offers her his giant, loving heart. I freaking love it so much because there is nothing sunjugating or pleading about that, just pure, unaldureted, reverent love and affection in his gaze -  he isn’t pleading only offering the chance to spend their lives together. And finally, the wonder and bliss when SY accepts him so willingly and eagerly. THEY KISS TO SEAL THE DEAL!

I can objectively say that HSK has the best kisses in Kdramaland - there are so many of them and the one of many things which are so awesome about them is that they feel so natural, like a normal real life couple that kisses on regular basis. There is no coyness or discomfort just 2 people who love each other and want to be close as possible. The next amazing thing about them is that they continue and there is always an encore. The way MS always pauses after the first one, gives SY that blissful and satisfied smile and then goes for the next one and the way SY always tilts her head, leans into him and responds to those kisses!

HSK is one of those dramas that leave a strong impact on you which stays with you a long time and it managed to do it with a simply yet moving story which carries a message - a message which was perfectly showcased on the SY&MS’s story: You live your life now so live it to the fullest so you don’t need to regret anything. People don’t know what will happen in the future not even in the next few seconds and there are no gurantees in life, so we should grab the person we love and love him/her now like there is no tomorrow. We always regret the things we have NOT done rather those we have done  - we keep constantly asking ourselves for the rest of our lives all those what ifs and if onlys, would haves and should haves. I believe that MS didn’t want to become of those people and SY’s hesitation served as the wake-up call for him to come the realization - I love you now, I want to be with you here and now so why wait 10 years or even 2 years until I will be legal. Why wait when they can be together now. Nothing is definite in life not even marriage Time/Life doesn’t wait for anyone so we shouldn’t wait for it either.

JW and MS often mentioned their bad timing - The thing is that for the better part of our life we have a bad timing, however, the courage to act despite knowing we have bad timing is what allow us to live our lives without regrets. Look at JW - it was because he tried his best despite knowing that he hurt SY and that she loved someone else what allowed him to let go of her and his feelings and make a new start. In one episode JW said to his mother that he missed his timing and let go of SY like a fool - he lost her because he waited too long. MS on the other hand isn’t one for waiting and that’s why he gets the girl in the end his willingness to risk it all. He knows there is not enough time in life to wait until you can buy a diamond ring. Life is for living not waiting.

An amazing MV of SIG performing at the Superstar K All Star Concert 

I love this so much and the whole SIG’s performance at the concert because it feels like some sort of HSK epilogue with him sporting his MS hairstyle and when he’s singing “Finding Myself” it felt like he was serenading to SY.

Another fancam of SIG performing “Finding Myself” at the Superstar K All Star Concert 

Fancam of SIG performing “Finding Myself” at the Superstar K All Star Concert 

Seo In Guk performing at the Superstar K All Star Concert